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ZOLL M and R Series Paddles

ZOLL M and R Series Paddles

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The ZOLL M and R series paddles are compatible with both the ZOLL M series and ZOLL R series defibrillators and are meticulously engineered to deliver effective and controlled defibrillation in a range of medical settings. One of the distinguishing features of these ZOLL paddles is their Apex/Sternum configuration. This design ensures that the paddles can be accurately positioned on the patient's chest, providing optimal electrical contact and increasing the effectiveness of the shock delivered. The ergonomic design of the paddle controls allows for straightforward operation, which is critical in high-stress scenarios where every second counts. These paddles come with built-in pediatric electrodes, an essential feature for ensuring safe and effective defibrillation in younger patients. This adaptability is particularly beneficial in environments like hospitals and emergency response units, where medical professionals might encounter patients of various ages. 

Compatible with: 

  • ZOLL R Series
  • ZOLL M Series
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