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SpeedBlocks Starter Pack (Single)

SpeedBlocks Starter Pack (Single)

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Designed for durability and performance, but priced for disposability, the SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer really gives you the best of both worlds. The low-cost blocks with disposable foam pads and head straps are so effective that the inconvenience of taping the patient can be eliminated.
It offers a simple four-step process for application, a unique multi-axis blocks system to accommodate all head shapes and injury positions, and direct access to patient’s ears for better communication and inspection.

  • Snap-in blocks for quick and easy application
  • Blocks slide for adjustments allowing re-adjustment with little risk of moving head and can splint head as found
  • Fits all head shapes and positions
  • Wide lateral adjustments fit most helmets
  • Head straps attached at top of blocks can be instantly applied and removed, are easy to re-adjust, and are not affected by rain or temperature
  • Velcro-free cleanable base with disposable foam base pad
  • Can be used with most spineboards
  • Low profile allows it to be stored attached to spineboard and ready for use
  • X-ray translucent
  • CT, MRI scan compatible
Includes: 1 Block Set, 1 Universal Base, 1 Strap and Pad Replacement Set
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