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Remote Skills Verification Training (per student)

Remote Skills Verification Training (per student)

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  • HSI CPR & AED for Adults Only
  • HSI CPR & AED for Adult, Child & Infant
  • HSI CPR, AED & First Aid for Adults Only
  • HSI CPR, AED & First Aid for Adult, Child & Infant

RSV ‐ CPR & AED for Adults only

  • Blended RSV with digital certification
  • Includes Manikin Rental

RSV ‐ CPR & AED for Adult, Child & Infant

  • Blended RSV with digital certification
  • Includes Manikin Rental

RSV ‐ CPR, AED & First Aid for Adults only

  • Blended RSV with digital certification
  • Includes Manikin Rental

RSV ‐ CPR, AED & First Aid for Adult, Child & Infant

  • Blended RSV with digital certification
  • Includes Manikin Rental

Online CPR classes or Remote Skills Verification (RSV) AED and CPR training classes represent a significant leap forward in the delivery of essential life-saving skills education. This forward-thinking model combines the convenience of online learning with the practicality of hands-on, instructor-guided training, offering a thorough educational experience from the comfort of home or office.


RSV online CPR classes allow participants to complete the training at their own pace through online modules. This flexibility allows participants to engage with the content at the most convenient times and locations for them. When you sign up for an RSV course, you receive all the necessary equipment, including a Prestan® Ultralite® Manikin with CPR Feedback and an AED Simulator, delivered directly to your doorstep. This ensures that you have the tangible tools needed to practice hands-on skills and refine your CPR and AED techniques at home. The online AED/CPR classes cover a variety of critical life-saving skills, including 

  • How to recognize the signs of a sudden cardiac arrest
  • The steps for performing Hands-Only CPR on adults
  • How to perform CPR with rescue breaths on adults, children, and infants (depending on the course focus)
  • The correct way to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • How to respond to a choking adult, child, or infant
  • Best practices for ensuring personal safety while providing emergency care
  • The importance of rapid response in emergency situations
  • Legal considerations and Good Samaritan laws related to providing CPR and AED assistance

Once you complete the online CPR class modulus, a live, online skills verification test will be conducted via webcam. Participants connect with a certified instructor for a one-on-one session, receiving immediate feedback and guidance. This part of the online CPR course is crucial, as it's the moment when the instructor evaluates and tests your skills to determine your eligibility for certification. This individualized approach ensures that each learner fully grasps the techniques and can execute them accurately, offering a learning experience on par with traditional in-person classes. Once the instructor determines you have correctly demonstrated the necessary skills, participants are awarded a fully accredited 2-year CPR certification card, which holds the same validity and recognition as those issued through conventional, instructor-led courses.

What is virtual training? 

Virtual training is a new option that gives students the flexibility to combine blended training with live, online skills verification through Remote Skills Verification, or RSV.  RSV allows students to connect with a live instructor for one-on-one feedback and guidance, enabling us to issue a fully accredited CPR certification for a course that you take entirely from the comfort of your home or workplace.  

How does it work? 

Complete the blended video portion of the course online at your own pace.  We will ship all the supplies needed for certification to your home or workplace, including a Prestan® Ultralite® Manikin w/CPR Feedback and AED Simulator.  An instructor will connect with you online using a webcam to complete your skills verification, and upon successful completion of your skills, a 2-year CPR card will be issued.  

Is this the same certification offered in an instructor-led class?

Yes!  Course content and skills are the same.  COVID ushered in an era of remote connectivity, allowing us all to become more comfortable with the use of technology.  While hands-on time with a manikin and instructor feedback is critical, we now have the tools necessary to bring you the same CPR class experience in your home or work environment.  

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