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Lubricating Jelly, 5.0 GM, 144 Per Box - M468

Lubricating Jelly, 5.0 GM, 144 Per Box - M468

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Dispenser Box of 144 each sterile, single use, 5 gram White Petrolatum USP

Dynarex Lubricating Jelly Sterile, 5 Gram, Foil Packet, 144 Packets<

Prevents skin chafing. Contents are sterile in unopened, undamaged package. Packet contains .17 oz. (5.0 gm) of White Petrolatum USP.

  • Instant lubrication for patient comfort
  • Thicker formula may be used for all applications including endo lab
  • Temporary protection of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, sunburn, chafed or chapped skin
  • Helps treat and prevent diaper rash
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