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Lip Balm Packets, 10 Per Box - SmartTab Ezrefill - FAE-4010

Lip Balm Packets, 10 Per Box - SmartTab Ezrefill - FAE-4010

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Lip Balm Packets, 10 Per Box - SmartTab EzRefill

SmartCompliance Refill with 10 Lip Balm Packets per box. The vitamin E enriched lip balm help keep your lips moisturized in any season. Individual single use packets are easy and convenient to use. This refill is used in First Aid Only SmartCompliance cabinets: 90832, 90833, 90834 and 90835.

The Smart Tab ez Refill System from First Aid Only & First Aid Exchange offers the unique benefit of giving you an easy way to reorder supplies at the right time.

The SmartCompliance refill system for reordering and restocking your First Aid cabinet revolutionizes replenishment. It is quick, easy, and cost effective. As supplies are used, SmartTab ezRefill reminder tabs notify you when it is time to reorder supplies and puts the reorder information at your fingertips. The SmartCompliance Insert Maps also allow you to customize your cabinet to meet your specific first aid needs.

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