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Knuckle Bandages, 10 Each - SmartTab Ezrefill - FAE-3008

Knuckle Bandages, 10 Each - SmartTab Ezrefill - FAE-3008

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The Smart Tab ez Refill / First Aid Exchange Kit refills - Knuckle adhesive fabric bandage, 10 each

Treating cuts and scrapes on fingers are the most demanding on bandages. The knuckle adhesive fabric bandage offers a tough, but flexible dressing that promotes healing. Bandage tabs keep the sterile dressing in place, without restricting movement.

Specially shaped knuckle bandage is made of a flexible fabric designed to stretch when you stretch while strong adhesive holds the bandage firmly in place. Each is contained in an individually sterilized package, which greatly reduces the possibility of infection. To use: remove from package and apply to wound. 

Bandages are packed in a SmartTab® ezRefill box with an indicator tab to alert you when to reorder. The box snaps easily into place in our Workplace and Food Service Cabinets, keeping supplies organized. 10 bandages per box.

The Smart Tab ez Refill System from First Aid Only & First Aid Exchange offers the unique benefit of giving you an easy way to reorder supplies at the right time.

Also part numbers: Z132 & FAE-3008-R
SmartTab™ EzRefill / Smart Tab 3008 

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