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Intermediate Life/Form Infant / Baby CRiSis Manikin

Intermediate Life/Form Infant / Baby CRiSis Manikin

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Features airway management head, IV arm, brachial pulse arm, IV leg, intraosseous infusion leg, and infant chest skin with umbilicus. The injectable arms and legs have special, extremely thin synthetic skin and rubber tubing with appropriately small and thin walls for venipuncture practice. With the chest skin and umbilicus practice umbilical clamping, cutting, and cannulation. The umbilicus allows students to practice clamping, cutting, and aspirating blood. The intraosseous infusion leg offers an authentic simulation with precision and realism. Practice intraosseous infusion several times without replacing the bone structure. Includes artificial blood, IV bags, umbilical cord, carry case, spray pump lubricant, and instructional manual.

5-Year Limited Warranty Statement What this warranty covers:

  • Nasco warrants that if this product proves to be defective in materials or workmanship within 60 months from the date on which the product was purchased, Nasco will, at Nasco’s option, repair or replace the product.
  • This limited warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship in this product.
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