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Interactive ECG Simulator

Interactive ECG Simulator

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Interactive ECG Simulator

The only simulator that combines defibrillator and external pacer training features with adult and pediatric ECG rhythms, for use with NASCO defibrillating manikins.

Simulate electrical capture with an external pacer. Attach pacer to manikin and initiate pacing. When pacer current is set to 70mA or more, paced beats appear on your monitor. Waveforms available for pacer training include: Sinus Brady, Junctional Brady, 2nd degree type I A-V block, 2nd degree type II A-V block, 2nd degree type II A-V block with PVCs, and 3rd degree A-V block.

Simulate cardioversion with a manual, semi-automatic, or automatic defibrillator. Activate "convert" feature to select (before defib discharge) another rhythm to run immediately after defib discharge. Waveforms available for defibrillator training include: V. Fib, V. Tach (fast), V. Tach (slow), V. Tach (polymorphic), A. Fib, A. Flutter, SVT, Sinus Tach, Sinus rhythm with PVCs, Asystole, and NSR.

Use one simulator to generate both adult and pediatric rhythms. With adult mode selected, all 17 waveform keys generate adult rhythms. With pediatric mode selected, all 17 waveform keys generate pediatric rhythms. Press key marked "age group" to toggle between adult and pediatric modes. With "age group" feature a total of 34 rhythms a total of 34 rhythms are available.

Generate realistic 3- or 4-lead ECG rhythms, The RA, LA, and LL signal morphologies create accurate representations of the QRS, P, and T axes.

Practice operating a defibrillator/external pacer without a manikin. Connect defibrillator/pacer to simulator using NASCO and Simulaids pad adapters. Built-in circuitry allows you to defibrillate and to pace directly into simulator, and to observe ECG rhythms through the PADS connector.

LED indicators illuminate for: pacer pulse detection, defib discharge detection, adult age group, pediatric age group, and low battery. Battery saver feature powers-off simulator automatically when not in use. Three-year warranty.

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