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First Aid Student Training Kit, 7 Pieces

First Aid Student Training Kit, 7 Pieces

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This Hands-On Student Practice Pack is a student training kit for teaching both Basic First Aid. This kit assists the instructor in teaching hands on training. Unlike other Student training packs - this kit include REAL first aid items (not "similar" products imported for training use only). Your students will be impressed when you teach them hands-on first aid skills with actual rescue-ready first aid items like gauze pads, roller bandages, and triangle slings for practicing wound care, splinting, and other first aid techniques... and latex free gloves help  drive home the importance of always employing universal precautions.

Instructors can enable students to practice their first aid skills in a very cost-effective manner with this first aid training kit. Students will learn how to effectively apply first aid treatment to a variety of illnesses and injuries by using only the resources available to them. Included in this pack are durable non-woven triangular bandages that resist fraying and are non-absorbent to minimize disease transmission.

This Student First Aid Training Pack is perfect to help students practice their first aid skills. This pack allows instructors to save time and money while reducing the need for additional materials. Help teach students how to achieve the 3 basic aims of first aid treatment; preserving life, preventing further harm, and promoting recovery with these essential quality items that are found in the individual First Aid packs.

Each Student Training Kit has the Hands-On Student Practice Materials individually packaged, making it easy for instructors to not only store their supplies, but grab them and go when it's time for class.


Carrying Case

  • (1) Plastic Bag

Training Items

  • (2) Triangular Bandages
  • (2) Gauze Pads 4"x4"
  • (1) Pair of Gloves - Latex Free
  • (1) Gauze Roll Bandage

For Training Use Only.

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