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Defibtech Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression System

Defibtech Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression System

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With an innovative and elegant design, Defibtech’s latest technological innovation provides victims of sudden cardiac arrest the precision needed for high-quality and continuous CPR associated with better survival. Easy to deploy and use, the device delivers compressions, with complete chest recoil, at the depth and rate as recommended by AHA/ERC cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guidelines. Using a proprietary algorithm, the removable compression module delivers smooth and consistent compressions. A rigid backboard with a stiff frame of single-piece design facilitates operation without unwanted flex.

Be it on the ground, in an ambulance cot, a moving vehicle, or intra-hospital transport, the Lifeline ARM is your solution for uninterrupted CPR.

• Removable Compression Module allows for quick deployment, enhanced usability
• Built for the demanding environments of the professional first responder
• Lightweight rigid frame
• Compensates for variability in chest resistance
• Long-life rechargeable battery pack


  • Compression Module
  • Frame
  • Backboard
  • Battery Pack
  • Backpack Carry Case
  • Patient Pad (3)
  • Stabilization Strap
  • Power Module
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
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