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Acme United Corporation

Clip-On First Aid Snake Bite Kit, 9 Pieces

Clip-On First Aid Snake Bite Kit, 9 Pieces

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Clip-On First Aid Snake Bite Kit, 9 Pieces

Complete snake bite kit for emergency use. Includes bandages, cleaning wipes, venom extractor, tourniquet, ammonia inhalant and scalpel. Durable, zip open, nylon pouch with clip on hook connects easily onto key chain, lanyard, backpack, or other gear. Snap tight loop on back of pouch to connect quickly onto a belt.


  • (2) Adhesive Sheer Plastic Bandages, 1" x 3"
  • (2) Ammonia Inhalants
  • (2) BZK Antiseptic Towelettes
  • Rubber Tourniquet, 1" x 18"
  • Scalpel Blade
  • Venom Extractor Pump


  • Great for campers or hikers on the move.
  • Any scout or troop leader should have one on hand.


  • A sterile scalpel, tourniquet and ammonia inhalants are included and are only to be used by trained personnel in extreme life-threatening situations.
  • Acme United Corporation assumes no liability for mis-application or mis-use of these items.
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