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Casper The CPR Dog - 5000

Casper The CPR Dog - 5000

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CasPeR is to Dogs what Annie is to Humans - This small animal trainer incorporates all the necessary features for teaching basic dog CPR to pet owners. The anatomy features a full body molded in the appropriate position in which to give CPR, nares, retractable tongue, moveable jaw, sanitary replaceable airway, foam-filled body for chest compression resistance, and a femoral pulse.

Using the time-tested technology of their human CPR manikins, Simulaids produced this manikin to give long life, not only to the manikin, but also to the owners’ pets. Veterinarian review during the development of this unit assures the caregiver that they are learning exactly the right procedures for their cherished pets.


  • CasPeR the CPR Dog Manikin
  • 100 pack Airway Systems (5001)
  • Squeeze Bulb for Femoral Pulse
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
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