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Basic Buddy CPR Manikin 10 Pack

Basic Buddy CPR Manikin 10 Pack

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Basic Buddy Adult / Child CPR Manikin 10-Pack

Offers a realistic and affordable way to provide each student with their own CPR manikin. The one-piece, disposable lung/mouth protection system makes this manikin completely sanitary - there is no risk of cross contamination and no need to sanitize the manikins after use! Rugged carrying bags make transporting the Basic Buddy 5-Pack and 10-Pack convenient (manikins fit into bags fully assembled).

Basic Buddy Features:
    • Totally Sanitary, One-Piece Lung/Mouth Protection System
    • Realistic Chest Rise
    • Unique Airway System Opens & Closes with Proper Technique
    • Rebreathing Airway
    • Anatomically Correct with Palpable Landmarks
    • Adult and Child Capabilities
      • Basic Buddy Benefits:
        • No Messy Clean-Up
          Economical - Each Student Can Have Their Own Manikin
        • Disposable, One-Piece Lung/Mouth Protection System
        • Lightweight & Portable
        • Simple-to-Use
          Tough and Durable

Consists of 10 adult/child manikins, 100 lung/mouth protection bags, 2 carrying cases, and 2 instruction manuals.

5-Year Limited Warranty Statement What this warranty covers:

      • Nasco warrants that if this product proves to be defective in materials or workmanship within 60 months from the date on which the product was purchased, Nasco will, at Nasco’s option, repair or replace the product.
      • This limited warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship in this product.
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