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Don't know what to get a loved one for Christmas? Consider an AED.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims one life every 90 seconds.  Every 90 seconds.

The likelihood of surviving SCA is related to the speed of efforts to revive the heart.  More than 420,000 Americans have an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest each year.  Only about 10% of those individuals survive. The use of an AED can vastly increase the odds of survival. An AED is the only method to shock the heart back into its normal rhythm.  Someone having SCA only has minutes to live- ranging from about 6 to about 10 minutes. 

SCA can happen to anyone at any age and anywhere.  You are at higher risk if you have previously had SCA or if your parent, child, or sibling has gone into SCA.  In addition, certain diseases and conditions put you at greater risk: coronary heart disease, enlarged heart, heart failure, heart attack (75% of people having SCA were found to have had a heart attack), physical stress, and heart conditions found at birth (one in 300 youth has an undetected heart condition).

Individuals at risk or that have family members at risk should have one at home. Anyone can purchase an AED.  You can ever purchase recertified AEDs at a lessor cost. Approximately eighty percent (80%) of sudden cardiac arrest cases occur at home. When a person goes into SCA, the chance of survival goes down 10% every minute without the AED and that person only has a few minutes to survive. The chance of emergency assistance arriving fast enough is slim.  AEDs save lives.

If you would like to find out more information about which AED is right for you or your business, please visit AED Market or call 1-800-441-8378.


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