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AEHS First Response: the First Aid Video, English (DVD), PLUS BONUS NEW 2010 CPR GUIDELINES CPR DVD
Buy this First Aid DVD video and receive the following video FREE! First Response: the ABCD’s of CPR Bystander (DVD)
That's right! Suggested Retail: $298 for 2 DVDs - Now pay just $99 for the First Aid Video and get the BRAND NEW RELEASE 2010 CPR Guidelines CPR (DVD) FREE! (an additional $149 Value!)
Approved by American Environmental Health and Safety & American CPR Training, this program is the most current and expansive video resource of its kind, featuring NEW American standards in basic lifesaving skills as set forth by the latest Emergency Cardiac Care Guidelines 2010. The viewer will learn techniques such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and how to deal with airway obstructions for choking situations. These important skills are demonstrated and described for the adult, child and infant casualty. This program will also help the viewer to recognize and treat for someone who is suffering from a Heart Attack or Stroke, which are America's # 1 killers, also known as cardiovascular disease.
This Video also includes sections on AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) which are a critical part of the chain of survival, and are being deployed in public places throughout the US. This video is designed to provide the "non-professional" rescuer with the knowledge and skills required to help SAVE A LIFE, A.C.T. Now!™
Video Length: 47+ minutes
Copyright: 2011
Adult Child & Infant CPR 25 minutes
Learn the new guidelines… Save A Life… Show you C.A.R.E!™

Advanced/Healthcare CPR 12 minutes
Two-Rescuer CPR and special concerns for advanced & healthcare providers.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) 5 minutes
Learn how to use these vital lifesaving devices found in many work environments and public places.

Conscious & Unconscious Choking 13.5 minutes
Choking can happen to anyone, anywhere. Learn the proper actions to remove or dislodge a foreign body airway obstruction.
Compression Only CPR: Don’t Stress... Compress!™
 1.5 min
Compression-Only CPR is recognized as a viable alternative for untrained rescuers and trained rescuers who cannot perform full CPR – Learn the steps.
22 minute Bonus Video:
“How To Use A First Aid Kit…
What Your First Aid Course Didn’t Teach You”

Great for refresher training between full certification classes!
Approved by American CPR Training / American Environmental Health and Safety, First Response: The First Aid Video is a complete 65 min. video of various emergencies that may arise at home, work, or play. This video provides the viewer with basic knowledge and skills required to recognize and treat injuries and illnesses such as asthma attacks, severe allergic reactions, bleeding, shock, head & spinal injuries, bone, muscle & joint injuries, and soft tissue injuries such as cuts, bruises, burns and frostbite. Other topics include diabetic emergencies, seizures, poisons, as well as heat stroke and hypothermia.
Video Length: 65 minutes
Copyright: 2006
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